About us

In 1945 Arthur Reichenbach, Sr., son of a farmer and sergeant in a cavalry regiment with his horses Uranus and Adam (1934-50), founded the Reichenbach Horse Transport Company. Motor vehicles soon replaced horse-drawn wagons so that


in 1948 the first Land Rover was purchased and

in 1952-56 four Unimog (Mercedes).


In 1957 the first specially adapted truck for transporting livestock was bought and the company began to specialise in this business so that very shortly two more such trucks were acquired.


In 1960, on his return from French-speaking Switzerland,  Arthur Reichenbach, Jr., joined the family firm as a driver.

In 1983 he took over his parents’ company.

In 2006 the sole trader business became a limited company and is now being run by the third generation of the family as Reichenbach Transporte AG.

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